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Download DXQuake3 v1.03

Source Code, DXQ3 Executable and compiled game DLLs : DXQuake3src-v104.zip
NB. DXQuake3 requires Quake3 Full version or Demo to run.

What is DXQuake3 ?

Have you ever wanted to write a 3D shooter game engine, but didn't have a team of artists available? I did. 

Quake3 is one of the most widely documented games out there. Many people have dissected the .MD3 model files and .BSP level files that form the main artist assets in the game, providing a good foundation for writing your own Quake3 model viewer or level viewer. More importantly, the source code Quake3 game logic has been released by id Software so you can make mods. Mods are supposed to modify the game logic to make it easy to make a new game using the Quake3 3D engine. I have used them in reverse, making an engine which interfaces with the game DLLs to replace Quake3.exe. It is called DXQuake3 as it uses DirectX instead of OpenGL as its graphics API.

This website is to release the DXQuake3 executable and source code on the internet, so other people who are trying to learn how to write a big 3D game engine can see how it could be done. DXQuake3 looks nearly identical to Quake3, and includes network multiplayer capability (see Features).

What is DXQuake3 Not ?

DXQuake3 is not based on the Quake3 source code, which at the time of writing is unreleased. Neither is it Quake3.exe running through a DirectX wrapper of OpenGL. DXQuake3 is not a new game, or a mod. Its purpose is purely educational (and cool). It is also not perfect code - I wrote it in 5 months, whilst learning DirectX at the same time.


Quake3 (c) id Software            DXQuake3 (c) Richard Geary